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To date, we have provided over 2000 children with back to school supplies and have sent 4 children to College by scholarships.  Our endeavours give hope to young minds, life to struggling parents and enthusiasm to the schools we partner with.


PURPOSE - To create life long learners while stimulating and educating a generation of leaders.



EMPOWER - To give official power and legal authority to; to make confident and strong


EDUCATE - To give intellectual, moral and social instruction; to train, develop, coach, cultivate, improve and elevate.


EQUIP - To supply, provide or furnish kids with the necessary items to be successful in life.


Supplies Includes but not limited to:

Books, pencils, pens, paint brush, glue, back packs, crayons, construction paper, folders, folder sheets, calculator, rulers.

Over the past decade, Jasmin Turner-Dareus has dedicated her life to mentoring, maturing and educating the children in her community in every capacity.  The program has hosted Summer programs to enhance children's learning and ability and strengthen them in areas of weakness.Over the last 7 years, we have had annual Back 2 School initiatives to address and answer the call of the under privileged and needy in our society.  Dr. Turner-Dareus believes that Education is the tool to impact our generation while simultaneously creating avenues of Economic Empowerment for our young children.

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